South East Touring Triangle
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Diving & Snorkelling

At Phillip Island, you can snorkel with the gentle stingray giants with local adventure company Out There Outdoors, who offer an exciting range of snorkel tours. SEAL diving service can take you to numerous sites where the diving and snorkel experiences are very special.

If you snorkel or scuba dive or would like to learn, you’re up for some extraordinary adventures on the Mornington Peninsula. More than 500 species of fish and 1000 species of marine plants live along the 260 km of coastline. In fact, their diversity, number and colours rival the waters of northern Australia.

The Octopuses’ Garden
The 200-metre long Octopuses’ Garden trail with underwater signs alongside Rye Pier reveals many ‘locals’...pygmy seahorses, octopuses, sponges, sea stars, fish and rays. Mornington, Flinders and Portsea piers are also rich with sea creatures including weedy sea dragons, globefish, flathead, cuttlefish and squid.

Scuba diving
There are shore and boat dives from the Mornington Peninsula, but the ultimate experience is a wreck dive. More than 60 shipwrecks lie here, many claimed in the 19th century by the infamous Rip at the entrance to Port Phillip Bay.

Top choices for boat and shore dives are the Pope’s Eye, an artificial reef built in the 1880s, Chinaman’s Hat with its noisy fur seals, Sorrento back beach and Mushroom Reef Marine Sanctuary. Portsea Hole and Port Phillip Heads are extraordinary vertical dive walls.

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